Uber is here, who knows if it is going to last for long…while in cities where Uber is working as in Barcelona with a lot of pressure and media attancion, in other cities as Manchester, is working very well and totally in a legal way – I’m going to tell you how was my experience with UberX in Manchester, UK.

What it is like

As soon as you download the app you need to create an Uber account, you need to provide the usual info and your credit card details. When you are ready to go, you just need to open the app, a map will appear with your position and you will be told how long you have to wait for the Uber car to pick you up.

After you order the car and Uber will confirm who is going to be your driver, you will see your car getting closer and closer to your position in real time. When the car arrives, the app will tell you about it – the driver will ask you your name, then get on the car, tell the driver your destination and relax – from now on everything will be as it is on normal taxies but without taximeter.

When you get to your destination, get off the car. You don’t need to pay in cash,  a few minutes later you will get an email in your inbox with an invoice with all details about the ride (distance, time, price…etc.)

Why we like it

I usually don’t carry any cash on me, and whenever I want to take a taxi first I need to stop by an ATM to withdraw some money in order to pay the ride, with Uber I can skip this step and get directly to my destination. Another advantage is that you have everything under control, since the moment you order the car, before it comes to pick me up and of course during the ride. The most important thing is that I can have a look at the invoice and be informed why I am charged for this or that, is an extra that I personally appreciate very much.

The waiting time usually is under 15’, they also might pick you up before, it depends where you are at that moment, the majority of the cars is in the city centre, but anyway 15’ is like nothing, order your car, get ready meanwhile and it will be at your doorstep sooner than you think.

I tried UberX, which is suppose to be the “low cost” version of Uber, I mean, mid range cars with professional drivers, they are not particular drivers who drives for Uber in their free time, and of course all the cars are in really good condition – every time it was a pleasure to drive with them.

The app itself, could be faster, it takes a moment to work correctly but after that it runs with no problems at all. Another thing that they could fix is the experience during the ride – you see a map and your car moving around, no more info, maybe they could add little details like estimated arrival time or distance, that would be nice…

You will like it if…

If you live in a city where Uber works (check it out on their website) or if you travel to one of those cities. Uber is available in a lot of cities around the world, maybe in your next trip could be useful, download it now!


The app is free and available for iOS and Android. The service clearly not but if you sign up using this link you will get a 10€/£  for your first rides, and they give me 10€/£ as well, so it’s a win-win situation!


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